Books for the Practical Historian
"Dreams are illustrations ... from the book your soul is writing about you." Marsha Norman

"Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book." Stephan Mallarme

We have just gotten order number 500! Celebrations are requested, even if they don't include buying books! (...although reading one would be quite okay....)

For a few years, we have been offering digital copies of some antiquarian books in our possession - breviaries, song books, herbals, heraldic stuff, and so forth. They are no longer for sale, if anyone was wondering what happened.

Postage to non-U.S. addresses:

We wish to strongly reiterate: all orders to addresses outside of the United States will require additional postage. We have not yet figured out how to persuade the store's software to put those addresses into a special category that sidesteps U.S. postage, so please ignore the postage charges on the order form. If you live elsewhere, we will send you an email with the additional charges, and offer you the choice to ante up or cancel; if you choose to cancel, your payment will be fully refunded, no questions asked.